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photo of Albert Smith

From a very early age, I’ve understood the value of our visual world. I was particular about matching clothes, how things fit, and did most things with intention (even when coloring outside the lines). I also had an unusual affinity for corduroy, but not everything ages well. I have always valued a good story, but give me a picture to go along with it and I can get entirely lost in that world. When I was a kid, that world was Dr. Seuss, comic books, or Saturday morning cartoons. Now it’s mysteries, sci-fi, and way too many hours playing board games.

I discovered a love of math when I was eleven. I enjoyed building custom vehicles and structures with pieces from various LEGO sets and for a while I wanted to grow up to be an architect. It was the perfect blend of art and math, where function meets aesthetics. There is something magical about that overlap that still captures my attention today.

I think it’s because we are visual creatures. Many of us interpret our lives through what we can see. Color, layout, and hierarchy can add depth and meaning to communication and connect to emotions and experiences we may otherwise miss. Visuality impacts everything we’re connected to, even the food we choose to eat. Form often doesn’t work when detached from function, but together they allow for experiences we remember and usually want to repeat. 

Working with people to solve big problems in creative and efficient ways to produce the best possible outcome makes all the effort and hard work worthwhile. My goal as a creative is to deliver an end product you and I are both proud of. Whether it’s an advertisement or invitation, illustration or presentation, I would love to help you turn your idea into a memorable reality. 

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