Recording Logo & Branding

It’s always a fun process when a client comes with a pretty great idea and just needs a little help taking it to the next level. Andrew is a Baltimore–based audio engineer and producer who specializes in recording and mixing classical, jazz, and folk music.

He wanted to incorporate his initials into a logo design along with a microphone on a stand. His concept is a tribute to the logo of his grandfather’s old business so he requested that we maintain some similarity to the original idea.

*Andrew’s Concept


During the sketching phase I experimented with the letters, types and number of mics, and the angle of the stand. Most of the variations felt like they deviated too far from the initial concept so I focused on the flow of the XLR cable that formed the letters and the details of the stand. While the average person might not understand, Andrew has had multiple musicians and industry peers comment on the fine details with several even identifying the model of microphone used in the icon.

Flexible Logo System

Andrew was just launching his brand and needed versatility within his logo for a wide variety of uses. We accomplished this by building variations that emphasize different parts of the logo concept and also scale well. The modern sans-serif type, with soft but slightly rounded corners, pairs perfectly with a handwritten script and they both compliment the flowing nature of the mark. This allowed me to use alternatives on the flow of the cable to tie elements together and strengthen continuity.